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Holme-next-the-Sea lies 30kms north of Kings Lynn and 5 kms north east of the seaside town of Hunstanton.  The entire Parish falls within the Norfolk Coast AONB and includes a National Nature Reserve at Holme Dunes.

Holme is renowned for its outstanding environment, its heritage and its wildlife.  Villagers and the many visitors who share the peace and tranquility of this very special place feel passionately about its future and share concerns about the threat of inappropriate development. At a Parish meeting on 2nd February 2016, there was overwhelming support for the idea of creating a Neighbourhood Plan. 

A Neighbourhood Plan will allow us to shape where any future development will go and what it will look like.  Once adopted it will become part of the Local Development Framework and will be used in the determination of planning applications.

The Parish Council is leading the work on the Neighbourhood Plan but we want the whole community to participate in the process of building a shared vision for our future. At the end of the process, anyone entitled to vote in the Parish will be able to vote on the adoption of the Plan in a referendum.

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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

June 2020
In February 2020 the Borough Council issued a formal Decision Statement recommending that the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum. This process has however been delayed as a result of the COVID-19 situation which has resulted in the Government placing all referenda on hold until May 2021. This is bad news for all Neighbourhood Plans that have reached this position. However, recognising this, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has issued new Planning Guidance as Follows:
"Decision-making: Where the local planning authority has issued a decision statement (as set out under Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) detailing its intention to send a neighbourhood plan to referendum, that plan can be given significant weight in decision-making, so far as the plan is material to the application"
This means that the policies in our Neighbourhood Plan can be used to guide planning decisions in the Parish.
The complete Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Borough Council's website
A copy can also be accessed on this site by clicking here.
The Parish Council will issue updates regarding the referendum as soon as any further news is available.


Draft Plan - Post Regulation 16

February 2020                                          

With the end now in sight there has been a great deal of NDP activity over the past few months.   Feedback from the six week Regulation 14 Consultation was absolutely tremendous and the support we received, particularly from parishioners who attended the July 2019 Open Day, was extremely positive.   All comments received were carefully considered and resulting amendments to the draft policies were agreed with the Borough Council before compiling a formal Consultation Statement.
The resulting, “Submission Version” of the Plan together with the Consultation Statement and a report explaining how the Plan satisfies the necessary Basic Conditions, was handed to the Borough Council in September 2019.  A further six week Regulation 16 Consultation was then carried out by the Borough Council inviting anybody with an interest in the Plan to make final representations.  A number of developers submitted objections seeking changes to policies to accommodate significant levels of development. However the Statutory Consultees all indicated their support for the NDP and the Environment Agency expressed the view that “This Plan has the potential to be an exemplar in the production of similar plans”.
In November 2019, following the completion of this last consultation, the Borough Council appointed Ann Skippers RTPI, a member of the RICS NPIERS Panel and former president of the Royal Town Planning Institute, as the Independent Examiner  for the Plan.   Ms Skippers completed her review of the Plan, including the Basic Conditions and Consultation responses, in January.  This resulted in a number of helpful modifications and concluded that with these the NDP satisfies the Basic Conditions and further that “The 25 policies complement those at Borough level and add a local layer of detail. They will make an enormous contribution to the vision and objectives set out in Borough level planning policies. They are distinctive in nature and bespoke to the area. In short, this Plan takes an exemplar approach and fulfills the potential of neighbourhood planning”.
The end product strongly reflects the views of our community.  It is inevitable that Holme will change in the future but our NDP will help ensure that it changes in a way that suits the aspirations of our community and prevents unwelcome and inappropriate change from being thrust upon us. All those on the Parish Electoral Roll will be invited to vote in a referendum.  If more than 50% of the turnout vote to support the Plan it will become part of the Local Development Framework and will be used to determine planning applications giving us far more influence over future changes in Holme.
The Borough Council is now preparing the documentation for a referendum.  The date will be notified as soon as possible and those eligible will be issued with voting information.  Meanwhile, the Neighbourhood Plan Team wishes to thank everyone for engaging actively with this process, giving time, consideration and a high level of support in this rather lengthy Neighbourhood Planning process.


Please note that the page containing the Draft Plan  on this website is password protected and will be placed on open access once arrangements for the Referendum are in place. Meanwhile, the Submission Version can be viewed on the Borough Council's website.

Any queries, please contact the Project Co-ordinator, Christina Jones –

Email: hnts4ndp@outlook.com



The Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Regulation 14 Consultation, either by sending your comments to Christina or by attending the Drop-in Event and leaving your feedback forms. All of your comments and suggestions have been very carefully considered and these have influenced the production of a revised Draft Plan (known as the Submission Version) which has now been submitted to the Borough Council.  The message we have received is oneof overwhelming support.
The Borough Council is now taking the Draft Plan through the next stage (Regulation 16).  This involves publishing the Submission Version and inviting any further comments over a six week period from 30 September to 11 November 2019. The Plan, together with the comments, will then be taken forward for independent examination. If the Examiner and the Borough Council are satisfied that it meets the necessary requirements it can then proceed to referendum.
The Submission Version of the Plan can be viewed on the Borough Council's consultation portal where you can view the Consultation Statement which contains summaries of all of the comments we have received to date together with a note of any actions taken by way of response. 
Thank you for your continuing support.
The Neighbourhood Plan Team.



The Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now been 'screened' by the Borough Council and the Statutory Consultees (Natural England, the Environment Agency and Historic England) – go to the downloads page for the report. The outcome of this process is that the proposed plan is, as it stands, expected to have positive impacts on Holme's environment and it is not expected to cause damage to our EU Protected Sites. As a result there is no requirement for Strategic Environmental Assessment or Habitats Regulations Assessment. This means it can proceed to the next stage in the process which is known as the 'Regulation 14 Consultation'.
This involves making the Draft Plan available to the public and to all organisations who may be affected by its policies (anyone who lives, works or carries on business in the Neighbourhood Area)  and giving them the opportunity to comment. The consultation begins on Wednesday 26th June and lasts for a period of six weeks - ending at 5.00pm on Wednesday 7th August.
The consultation has been advertised in the Local Press and printed versions of the Draft Plan will be available for anybody to examine in Hunstanton Town Library and St Mary’s Church, Holme. There will be a Drop in Event and exhibition at Holme Village Hall on Saturday 20th July from 2.00pm to 6.30pm when all are welcome to come and discuss the Draft Plan with the NDP Team and the Parish Council.
The plan can be found in the Draft Plan section of this web site. Part A of the plan contains an introduction and background to the Parish, Part B contains the Policies and Part C contains a glossary of technical terms. The page also contains the main evidence documents and supporting information including maps.
Please make your comments on the Comments Form provided. Hard copies can be found with the plan in Hunstanton Library and St Mary’s Church. These should be returned by post to the address given on the form. An online copy can be found by clicking here or on the link on the Draft Plan page. This can be downloaded, completed offline and returned by email to the Neighbourhood Plan Project Coordinator, Christina Jones at ndp@holmentspc.org or printed and posted as above.
The formal, public notice of the consultation as advertised in the press can be found here.


  • See the latest reports presented at Parish Council meetings on the consultation page or come along to the monthly meetings and ask any questions you may have.
  • At the April meeting of the Parish Council we reported that the Draft Neighbourhood Plan had been completed. The outline structure and contents can be found on the Consultation Page of the website along with the other monthly reports presented to the Parish Council Meetings. This will now be reviewed by our Town Planning Consultant and the Policy Team at the Borough Council before proceeding to the next consultation (Regulation 14).
  • The interim water quality report has been revised and new material has been added. The final Water Quality Report is available on the Downloads Page of the website.
  • A comprehensive report on Environment, Landscape and Biodiversity is now available on the Downloads page. Once again the NDP team would like to thank all those people who contributed with ideas and suggestions. We would particularly like to thank Debbie Gosman at Natural England for her help and support.
  • The Evidence Base Draft Heritage Report is now available on the downloads page of the website. The NDP Team would like to thank all those people who have contributed suggestions and local knowledge to help with its preparation. The report contains a significant component of original research and a copy has been passed to the Norfolk Historic Environment Service for comment. If you have any comments or suggestions please let the NDP team know.
  • In response to feedback on the detailed report on the Parish Economy a summary has been produced and this can be found on the downloads page.
  • A new report on the Parish Economy has been posted on the downloads page.
  • A working document produced by the NDP Team in conjunction with Natural England can be found on the downloads page. This represents the outcome of the visit to the Parish by Natural England and the Norfolk Coast Partnership in December 2017. It provides an ecosystem services perspective on the NDP.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to thank all those who attended the consultation event on the 4th January.  We were completely inspired by the interest and enthusiasm that you showed and really impressed by the questions and comments we received.  More than 85 people came along  - including principle and second home owners, developers and land owners, representatives of neighbouring parishes as well as Borough Councillor Liz Watson, plus current and previous mayors of Hunstanton - Adrian Winnington and Andrew Murray. Almost everybody took the time to go through the exhibition material in detail and most of you also completed the feedback forms offering your views and suggestions on the Draft Policies.  This is just what we hoped for - so thank you for this too.  We will be considering all of your comments and these will be taken into account when we review the policies over the coming weeks.
  • The success of the day was helped enormously by  the villagers who baked cakes, organised teas  and helped set up the exhibition making this a real community event. We are also very grateful to Hunstanton Civic Society, Sedgeford Parish Council and Hunstanton U3A for the loan of display boards.
  • It is clear from the feedback received that there is very strong community support for the Neighbourhood Plan and the majority of the proposed policies. The next consultation will be at Draft Plan Stage when there will be a further chance to comment – so please watch this space for more information and updates.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan Team was delighted to welcome specialists from Natural England and the Norfolk Coast Partnership to the Parish in early December. This provided an opportunity to tour the Parish and discuss key environmental aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan at first hand.  This proved to be a very productive day and we are extremely grateful for the positive inputs and suggestions made.